Judy took his pen out of his pocket.

They made the goal.

I was expected here before ten.

I have a car.


Cologne lies on the Rhine.

We needed this rain.

She could smell his cologne.

There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.

As far as English is concerned, she is second to none in her class.

Kikki is your son, right?

It's too cold to go outside today.

This is something you need to do alone.

Who do you remember?


Niels decided to buy a new computer.

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Cynthia watched Milo eat.

It's time to go to sleep.

Let's pay him a visit.

Just a week after he was released from jail, Dan mugged another person.

She made the doll for me.

I am giving you a star.

She rolled up her sleeves.

If Myron doesn't go, I won't either.

The secret remained buried in the grave of the famous philosopher.

We all know he was right after all.

I wouldn't say it that way.


To my sister Maya, my sister Alma, all my other brothers and sisters, thank you so much for all the support that you've given me.

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He has quite a few records.

Wendell opened his duffel bag.

We know what to expect.

We can't open this envelope until Wilson gets here.

My father had far bigger ambitions than I.

I've finished typing the report.

You made her very happy.

The animal shown printed on the five-real banknote is a heron.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Ricardo looked right at me.

Jelske didn't go, and neither did I.

I suspect Penny is a spy.

I am a crazy communist!

They run a ferry service across the river.

I don't want Perry to be unhappy.

A turbofan engine is the most modern variation of the basic gas turbine engine.

Starbuck was hired away by a rival company.


I can't help.

The other day I ran out of gas in the middle of a busy Interstate.

Could you please clear the table?

There is a bookstore in front of the department store.

Esperanto is much easier than Interlingua.

I want popcorn.

From the tower you can look out across the plain spread beneath your eyes.

Maybe I should spend an hour with Josh.

The set of real numbers is closed under addition.

I came back home.

Terri said that he didn't like Hsuan.

Do you prefer beer, vodka, wine, or soda?

There must be some misunderstanding between us.

I'll go tell Lyndon.

Those doesn't like to fly.


They're on good terms with their neighbors.

You should phone your mother as soon as you can.

There seem to be several reasons for his failure.

Where did Piercarlo go to school?

Open the hatch.


Is that too expensive for you?

I'm going there. No one can stop me.

Your death is my life.


I paid the bill out of my expense account.

I trust you more than anyone else.

I am a teacher, not a student.


It was due a week ago, namely on April second.

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Dan no longer felt safe in his own house.

It's OK to leave the baby to cry on occasion.

Mr White said that because of the convention, there were no rooms available.


Van went to a Catholic high school.

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I'll go to my bed and cry.

Were you flirting with Pierre?

The waiter filled our glasses to the brim.

I want to drive to his house in my car.

That dog is exactly twice the size of this one.

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This music is beautiful.

"Open your mouth" said the dentist.

I'm not allowed to talk.


I can't wait to see their faces.


Have you ever spun wool?

I don't see what he says.

It's been decided that the entertainment for our year-end party will be a question-with-comical-improvised-answer session.

He is afraid of snakes.

Raul has a nice car, a nice home and a good job.

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Blue fits you well.

Kristian was getting impatient.

China is called "Zhongguo" in Chinese.

He is no better than a beggar.

What would you do in her position?

I thought you said nobody was going to be here.

Venice is a city for passions: it's a city for honeymoons or for breakups.

Presley sometimes is very aggressive and likes to start arguments.

Anatoly got up to help Spass.

I'm a fucking economist.

Maybe I shouldn't drive home.

Time is of the essence.

Helen stubbornly insists that this is true.

I wanted somebody to talk to.

The undead feed on human flesh.

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The bouncer wouldn't let him in.


Douglas waited for thirty minutes. Hank waited even longer.

I don't want to cause any inconveniences.

Each time, Mother had a surprise for us.

Kriton is a psychic.

There was a controversy about the location of the new school.

They said inspections should be increased.

We've been pals for years.

This has got to stop.

The project was a great success.

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There were three survivors.

We are cooing like pigeons.

Lloyd didn't even notice Eliot had left.

Galen has been trying to avoid Mats.

I've heard of worse things.

His driving skill is very amateur.

In this country, everyone is spying on everyone.

I'd like to return these pants because they're too big for me.

If it were up to us, we'd say no.

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Let H be the base of the perpendicular drawn from point A to the line BC.


Last night, he asked if you were well.


There's room.

Can I get something to eat?

I love all of you.


He explained to me how to operate the machine.

Taxpayers are angry about wasteful government spending.

I can't listen to this anymore.

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George always does his best, and that's what I like about him.

How come you know so much about Tatoeba?

We can't tell you anything yet.


Travel by train has been on the decrease.

The crowd flowed into the auditorium.

Are you feeling any better today?


When the tiny candles were all lighted the children and our domestics gathered round it.

Do you have Guinness?

I decided to try to learn Esperanto, just to make a new experience.

The police promised Morton that they would look for his daughter.

Discretion is the better part of valor.

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The ship struck northward.

I don't think we're meant for each other.

There are a lot of abandoned houses in the neighborhood.

Will you study tomorrow?

I thought the meeting went really well.

The continent is pretty sick of this British whining about anything and everything.

I knew it would work out this way.

I see a stone.

I'm in transit between flights now. I've spent 8 hours on a plane so far, after changing planes now it's another two hours.


I saw it being killed.

I'm not as fast as I used to be.

Those women were so surprised that they couldn't speak.


The game of pinball involves directing a little steel ball onto ramps and into holes with a pair of flippers.

How heavy are you?

Driving after drinking alcohol is not acceptable behavior.

The grand jury decided not to indict the police officer.

No sooner had the dog seen me than it ran up to me.

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That bicycle belongs to our school.

How do you say that in Italian?

Is your mom home?


Yeah, and?

What a ridiculous comment!

I don't want to humiliate him.


How much is that penny?

I want to know the facts.

Del Potro missed a backhand long at break point.